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Bike trip to 顯伯公 (Xian bo gong)

posted by Martin Rubli at 13:03

In preparation for an upcoming bike trip to 宇老 (Yu lao) I went biking today and decided to go to 顯伯公 (Xian bo gong temple).

Because I didn't know the name of the place before I left (ha ha ...) I had a hard time finding the small entrance road, so I decided to take a bunch of photos on the way and add them to Panoramio, so that they will eventually show up in Google Earth. Taiwan's road signs leave lots of room for improvement - this is my small contribution.

I had been told it was pretty steep, so when the road stayed fairly flat I was doubting my navigation skills for a while. But I was not to be disappointed. The road kept getting steeper and steeper forcing me to take a few breaks. Luckily the view is so good though (on a clear day you can see Taipei 101 from there!), that you forget your sore legs for a while:

View from a clearing near 顯伯公 (Xian bo gong temple). On a clear day you can even see Taipei 101 from here. (Unfortunately that was not the case when I visited.)

A fellow biker even went to the trouble to measure the slope at various points. I should have thought of that first. What better excuse for breaks than collecting photos and numbers for your blog? :-)

At the top of the hill is a tiny temple:

At the top of 顯伯公 (Xian bo gong temple)

This is what it looks like inside:

At the top of 顯伯公 (Xian bo gong temple)

The map is below and if you're curious to see some more details about the trip you can check out the GPSies track I uploaded.

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