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Caught in the act!

posted by Martin Rubli at 15:41

A rather particular kind of business seems to be one of the main sponsors of public transportation in Taiwan. At virtually every bus station in this country, be it in the city or out in nowhere, you can see this kind of advertisement:

Ad at a bus station for one of the many "commercial affairs" detective agencies that you can hire to spy on your loved one. (Click here for a larger version.)

The names vary and are decorated with such tongue twisters as "International Commercial Affairs Detective". The ads often feature some attractive woman sporting a camcorder or some othern modern day Wannabe-Sherlock-Holmes equipment in a much too obvious and unprofessional fashion.

In the end these companies all have pretty much the same purpose. You hire them to spy on your loved one if you suspect him or her of being unfaithful. With adultery being one of the few legitimate reasons for divorce in Taiwan little afternoon outings in a cheap motel being interrupted by police, detectives, or spouses with camcorders are not uncommon.

The other day I was browsing to a hospital newsletter when when the following article - the picture to be exact - caught my eye:

The poor girl! Not only does she have a cheating bastard of a father, but on top of (or because of?) it all she now suffers from Tourette syndrome.

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