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Funny new year

posted by Martin Rubli at 14:18

Snapshot-wise the new year is off to a good start! The other day we were having lunch and saw the owner's son surfing the Internet for online games:

Seen in a restaurant in Hsinchu: A little boy playing online games. Let's see [local:/gallery/2010/01/10/violent-game-2 what he's playing] ...

So far, so good; there's nothing wrong with kids getting used to today's media early on. But let's have a closer look what he was playing:

I apologize for the photo quality, but you can recognize that it's a pretty violent and bloody game that involves running around simple 2D levels shooting with machine guns at others until the blood splashes and having the same done to yourself. Quite amazingly when the father noticed what his kid was doing he wasn't the least bit shocked or even surprised and seemed to smile approvingly of his son's pastime.

The next two photos speak for themselves:

Does that mean the restaurant is run by an idiot? Or that only idiots would go to this restaurant? Or does one imply the other?

In case you're wondering: Yes, "idiot" in French means the same thing as in English ...

I assume that the person who gave the idiot-ic name to the restaurant would respond to the tea shop's question with a resounding "yes!".

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