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Closet upgrade

posted by Martin Rubli at 09:50

Apartments are a little like computers. Once in a while you have to upgrade a little something when the old one just isn't good enough anymore.

We recently updated from Closet 1.0, which has served us - reasonably - well for the last three months and looked like this ...


... to the new and much improved version 2.0, which we had custom designed and looks so much nicer:


Two of the three front sliding doors are decorated with artistic renderings of Ivy's and my last names:



The inside is quite simple with five shelves and three drawers on each side and a hanger compartment in the middle.


The middle part also features a mirror that can be folded out on rails:



After about two days of heavy venting the fresh closet smell is finally disappearing, so all the clothes that are currently scattered around the apartment in bags and trolleys will soon be ready to move in. :-)