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Tiramisu and the masters of the blue tiger

posted by Martin Rubli at 15:17

Butchering European culture has developed into an innocent tradition here in Taiwan. Most noticeably this has to do with food, one of my "favorites" (to tell, not to eat!) being pasta with ketchup instead of actual tomatoes.

Today I'd like to present something that takes the cake in so many ways. There's a bakery chain called 提拉米蘇 (the Chinese transliteration of 'Tiramisu') that is hugely popular, to the extent where people line up outside the shop or wait for several weeks to receive their online cake order.

Here's what the object of people's desire looks like - the Tiramisu cake:

"Tiramisu" cake

They even have a diagram explaining the cake's structure: a base of digestive biscuit, two layers of mousse, a layer of chocolate cake, and to top it off cocoa powder imported from Malaysia.

Let's attribute the fact that half the ingredients don't show up in traditional tiramisu recipes to artistic interpretation.

What really takes the cake is how they bend the largely unknown and unspectactular history of tiramisu into a deeply "meaningful" story based on a mistranslation and an awful lot of imagination (a.k.a. 唬濫 - Taiwanese for "bullshit"):

The box of the above "Tiramisu" cake

妻子為了即將遠行的丈夫,將家裡僅剩的乳製品作成了一份充滿愛心的甜點 ~~~~ 提拉米蘇 (意味 「帶我走」)。

The legend of Tiramisu:

In an age of battles, in a foreign country beaten by wars.

A wife uses the only dairy that is left and her love to make a dessert for her husband who is heading for the battle: “Tiramisu” (meaning “take me with you”)

“Even though you cannot take me, please take my pious heart with you. I shall devote my sincerest of hearts to prayer: please bless my beloved husband. Come back unharmed.”

It's a legend of love and romance ...

Can you feel the Tiramisu coming back up yet?

  1. Swards (Rebecca`s bro ) says:

    Indeed , this is really a "cheap copy" tiramisu , because they are alike ,so we dont know what is real ,maybe you can make a real one , i can buy it. otherwise ,the bullshit story is very bullshit ; the "BLUE TIGER" meaning is funny .

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