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Wear your seat belt

posted by Martin Rubli at 16:44

Let's talk dead serious for a change. Taiwan has a ridiculously low rate of people who wear their seat belts, especially on the back seats, and an even lower rate of people who understand what the seat belt is for. The worst part is that many cars either have no rear seat belts or that they're disabled or crammed under the seat cushion, so that even if you want to use them you can't.

That's why I've been wanting to post a link to this little riddle for a while. The article to go with it is here.

Guess what this is (click for a bigger version):

first medical mystery of 2011 on Twitpic

Hint: Wear your seat belt!


Another hint? It's not caused by the head hitting the windshield or dashboard.


The answer is that it's the CT scan of an unbelted back seat passenger. The person's head slammed into the post of the front seat after the car was hit by another object. (Note that the accident was out of the control of the car's driver.)

Is this how you want to remember your child or friend's face for the rest of your life?

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