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Switzerland 2013: Selamatt

posted by Martin Rubli at 16:32

Once a decade I need to see snow, just so I don't forget what it looks like, and the year 2013 was as good as any, so we switched the scenery of the evergreen island of Taiwan to the snowy white one of Switzerland.

Commencing the album series is our trip to Alt St. Johann and Selamatt in the valley of Toggenburg.

If I've learned anything from this trip it's that a) my layering system of functional outdoor clothes resists even wintry Switzerland, b) my double-layer OR gloves don't, and c) don't trust the parking instructions of the Selamattbahn or you'll have your car towed out of the snow twice in a single day.

We took the "Selamattbahn" gondola lift first and then walked to Iltios and all the way down to Unterwasser from where we took the bus back to Alt St. Johann:

On to the photos:


The mountain on that last photo is the famous Säntis. Maybe after our next Switzerland trip we'll have some close-up photos from that mountain - it is on our to do list. :-)

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