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The promised land

posted by Martin Rubli at 06:23

Going on business trips once in a while comes with several benefits. For one thing it makes you feel important (why else would your company fly you half-way around the globe?), for another you notice small interesting things here and there which inspire even lazy bloggers like myself to write something. Being jetlagged in a hotel in a small town far away from civilization does the rest.

In the search for some home feeling I bought a cup of tea in a (sort of) Taiwan-style tea shop nearby that looks something like this:

The staff in the shop didn't speak Chinese, so they're possibly oblivious of the fact that "Boba" not only stands for a (large) kind of tapioca pearls that are often served with milk tea, but it is also a transliteration of 波霸 (bōbà), which means "huge breasts".

If you're hungry for something with the same taste but a less suggestive name you can always order 珍珠奶茶 (zhēnzhūnǎichá), which is milk tea with the smaller pearls. But it's all a matter of taste. ;-)