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When ex-presidents are cooking ...

posted by Martin Rubli at 16:55

The summer heat and the presumably missing air conditioning in Taiwanese prisons is taking a serious toll on the few remaining functioning brain cells of Chen Shui-Bian, Taiwan's ex-president.

Even after being sentenced to life in prison for a long list of crimes including embezzlement and laundering of millions of dollars he remains convinced of his innocence, notwithstanding friends and family members testifying against him.

With the help of his indefatigable supporters (who, I assume, now have nothing to laund... pardon, do) he has come up with another cunning plan to escape life behind bars: Sue Obama.

It's almost too good to be true. If this doesn't turn out to be yet another sloppily researched story cooked up by the Taiwanese media, then this is my favorite news of the year (right up there with Crocs in trouble).

For the fans of insanity, here are two of the original articles reporting the story:

Wu Shu-jhen and her son visit Chen Shui-bian in prison (Formosa News, 2009-09-22)
阿扁出怪招 要隔海控告歐巴馬!扁:我願到美國作證 (Yahoo! News, 2009-09-22)