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Generating OATH OTPs on Windows with oathtool

posted by Martin Rubli at 14:39

While Google's Android market and Apple's App Store are full with little apps that can generate OATH one-time-passwords, finding something similar for Windows proved to be quite a challenge.

The only free one I came across is OathToken for PC, a very simple tool that unfortunately insists on generating its own secret.

If you're looking for something a little more flexible your best shot may be running the original oathtool from the OATH Toolkit.

The quickest way to get it running is to download the sources and build them from scratch using Cygwin, which is refreshingly painless.

Of course, with security related software, you shouldn't trust anything you haven't built yourself, but for those of you who choose convenience over security I'm providing the compiled 1.10.0 version here for download. You have my personal promise that I didn't tamper with the sources - I'm far too lazy for that. ;-)

oathtool-1.10.0-cygwin.rar (829 kB)